Fairfield Park Lower School



Today’s children move less than ever before, whilst mental health issues are on the rise. We have a responsibility to serve our children better amongst the growing crisis in children’s mental health in the UK.


What if we could inspire mentally healthy movement to help children become happier, healthier humans, forever? What if we could embed mentally healthy movement in every school, for every child, everyday?


We believe we can. When the storm rages, Stormbreak teaches children to find shelter and create light, calmness and change through movement.




I really enjoy doing Buddy Run because we get to pick our partners and ask them questions about different things, while we choose how to travel around the playground. (Year 4)


At Fairfield Park, we Stormbreak every day to provide our children with skills and knowledge to support their wellbeing through movement. Each Stormbreak involves movement and a conversation around mental health in a child friendly way. We focus on Relationships, Resilience, Self-Worth, Self-Care and Hope & Optimism.




 We do Stormbreaks to reset our minds so we can focus on our learning. (Year 3)


Take a look at 5 Ways Stormbreak Can Help Children’s Mental Health to learn about the five areas we are focusing on. 

 5 Ways Stormbreak Can Help Children’s Mental Health


Copy Cats is one our favourite Stormbreaks at school.



We like doing Copy Cats in our class.  We get to copy our friends' moves and it makes us feel calm and happy. (Year 2)


You can get involved at home too! The Stormbreak website is available for everyone to access the Stormbreaks we do at school.

Stormbreak at Home