Fairfield Park Lower School

Holidays During Term Time

As a parent, you do not have any legal right or entitlement to take your child out of school in order to go on a family holiday during term time and you should not as a rule expect any leave requested to be granted. 

The relevant regulations were recently amended to remove the discretion Headteachers previously had to grant leave for term-time holidays in special circumstances.  The regulations now state that Headteachers may only grant any leave of absence during term time if there are exceptional circumstances. 

Exceptional circumstances are defined as;

'For service personnel and other employees prevented in taking holidays outside term-time if the holiday will have minimal disruption to the pupil's education'; and when the family needs to spend more time together to support each other after a crisis'.

The Department for Education and Skills expects schools to actively discourage all holidays during term-time.

Please see our Attendance Policy