Fairfield Park Lower School

Eco Gardening


Exciting news!

Today is the launch of Fairfield's Sow! Grow! Give !

It’s a simple activity that everyone can do to make a big difference! 
Our wonderful Eco Gardening Committee members will show you what to do: 
Make an eco-friendly pot.
Plant a seed.
Give it to school, where we will plant it in our school gardens to create an outdoor classroom and a place to support everyone’s wellbeing. 
See our gardens flourish and learn from and amongst the plants! 
But watch out! Planting seeds can be addictive! In which case, plant lots more and give them to friends, family and neighbours. (Whilst following safety guidelines of course.) Spread the joy of growing your own plants and enjoy the happiness and calm it brings! 
If we all do a little, we can all achieve a lot. 
Let’s do this! 



How to make an Eco-friendly pot