Fairfield Park Lower School

50 @ Fairfield


'50 @ Fairfield!’ is a brand new challenge with 10 activities for each year group to try. Some of the children can complete at school (such as learn a new playground game, take part in a performance), some with family and friends (make lunch for you and a special person, try a new food) and some on their own (spot shapes in the clouds, go bug hunting). There will be times throughout the year for them to share their journey with their class teacher. The activities have been carefully chosen to help them to be your best self and to make sure that when they leave Fairfield Park they are ready for the next step in their journey as a valuable and responsible citizen. Some activities are skills they can use throughout life, some are focussed on mental wellness and others are linked to our whole school Values and Curriculum Golden Threads (Diversity, The Arts and The Environment). Most importantly, they are to be enjoyed and shared —so have fun!