Fairfield Park Lower School

Vision & Values

Fairfield Park Lower School provides all children with the opportunity to enjoy learning and achieve their very best, in a safe, secure, and supportive environment.    Our school will set high expectations for all learners to achieve high standards.

Our school helps children to become active and confident individuals, as well as team players and leading into responsible citizens for the future. We will encourage all children to be creative, enquiring, active, eco-friendly, valued, and skilful through a diverse curriculum.

Our school community will support all children and adults into becoming lifelong learners and respect each other’s talents and achievements. We aim to work in partnership with the community of which we are a part. We will embrace new technologies and constantly strive for improvement for the future of all our learners.

A journey through our school will be engaging, fun, creative, challenging, active and leading to success for all.

Our vision is about valuing everyone through





Our Vision For Our Children

We want our children to be self-motivated, confident lifelong thinkers, who are enthused by a fun, creative integrated skills and knowledge curriculum. Our aspirations are for all children to be nurtured, active, valued, as well as team players and responsible citizens. Our part in this is to provide a safe, supportive, enjoyable environment that is Technology enriched with global awareness embedded. We want all children to achieve their very best, respecting all talents and achievements.

Our Vision For Our Parents

Our parents will be involved and active in their child's learning and in the life of the whole school. We want you to embrace curriculum opportunities and develop the holistic child, learning alongside all of our pupils; one where there is a dual dialogue of partnership and respect. Our part is to value the complexities of family life and support families through integrated services within our school.

Our Vision For Our Staff

Our staff will be energised in their own learning, so they can provide a fun, well-balanced, creative curriculum where all children can achieve their very best. All staff will have: high expectations, high standards, use higher order questioning to promote learning in a warm, caring, polite and tolerant environment.   We want our staff to inspire, nuture and ensure our pupils flourish.  Our part is ensuring professional development is at the heart of our school community.

Our Vision For The Wider Community

We encourage our community to work in partnership with us, by sharing our facilities and by also supporting community initiatives. Our part is to ensure services are relevant to the needs of the community.

Our Tree With Lots Of Hands

Our badge represents a tree with lots of hands, a tree of life for all the people in our community (adults and children)

A tree represents strength, it is rooted to the ground, and it is solid and built to last; many of the trees around the new school have been saved and protected, showing us that with new technology goes the respect for the past and the future.

The roots and branches represent that learning starts, as we are young and grows and blossoms out as we grow. With strong roots we build the blocks of learning and values for the future.

Lots of hands represent that there are lots of people in our community and we all need to work and cooperate together to make it a happy and respectful environment.

Palms of the open hands represent that all through our life we need to be open to learning and open to other people that we meet, through a strong sense of values, respect and tolerance.

Hands represent active learning, enquiry learning, healthy living and fun learning, an education that is built on high expectations and high standards.

Italic and gold reflect the Victorian theme of the school and the development growing around us in 2007.

The knowledge of learning and the ethos of values is one that lasts a lifetime, like the strength of the tree.