Fairfield Park Lower School

Support For Your Child And Family

Pastoral ethos at Fairfield Lower Park School


At the heart of every great community there are good people.


At Fairfield Park Lower School, we teach our pupils to be kind, courageous and fair. We appreciate that for any learning to occur, children need to feel safe, happy and surrounded by positive relationships.


We help them to learn about their feelings and identify what makes them feel great, and not so great. We promote tolerance and empathy and help them to imagine what it is like to walk in someone else’s shoes.


We understand that to enable children to be the best version of themselves, takes a united approach with school, families and the wider community. At Fairfield Park, we have a strong Pastoral Team who are dedicated to providing the support that children and families may need when life becomes too challenging to manage alone. We are also passionate about providing advice, support and relevant signposting to help to deal with the everyday ups and downs of family life.

Ultimately we want to equip our children with the knowledge and life skills for them to flourish and to contribute to the flourishing of others.