Fairfield Park Lower School


75th VE Day 2020

VE Day - or 'Victory in Europe Day' marks the day towards the end of World War Two.  The 8th May 1945 was the day peace emerged after nearly six years of war, so the 75th anniversary on 8th May 2020 represents an important milestone in our history. 

This year's celebration has been limited as the lockdown prompted by the coronavirus pandemic means there were no large-scale street parties or parades.  However, many people still managed to get out the bunting for a socially distanced celebration.



Children's VE Day Artwork

Within the school community, children have shared with us some of the fantastic work they have created.


This was created by George in Yr 1                                   

Drawn by Teddie (Yr2 )

Oliver in Year 1 sent in this amazing poem:


"Raise the shutters,let in the sun, for I heard a rumour that the war is now done

Soldiers can return to their loved ones at home, they no longer have to fight or feel so alone

Oh how they have longed for a long, hot bath, and to celebrate, dance, eat and laugh

Their favourite food and drink awaits, fill your glass and fill your plates

Bunting lines the streets far and wide, our heroes return, our hearts full of pride

VE day, what a special way to celebrate life as it is today

Even after 75 years, people will still shed tears

Friend made and held in our hearts, now post-war, new beginnings must start."


Leo (Squirrels) and Luca (Yr 3) displaying the great pieces of work they created to celebrate VE Day.

A Musical Celebration for VE Day 

Mr Andrews, our class teacher in Otter class, is a talented Ukulele player and during the VE day celebrations he recorded a couple of the most memorable songs from that time, please click below to watch the videos:

"We'll meet again" by Dame Vera Lynn. Please click here

"In the mood" by Glenn Miller.  Please click here